Student Teaching & Observing

  • District 28 works with accredited colleges and universities in developing appropriate student observation/teaching and/or internship placements.

    Requests can be made to our District office:

    By Phone: 847-504-3425

    By email: Lisa Tenuta, Administrative Assistant

    By mail:

    Lisa Tenuta
    Northbrook School District 28
    1475 Maple Avenue
    Northbrook, Il 60062

    Student Teaching at District 28

    It is important to apply as far in advance as possible of your requested student teaching dates. 
    In order to be considered, candidates are required to submit the following:

    • A written request for placement from your college or university’s student teacher coordinator or School of Education noting the desired dates and specific subject area and/or grade level(s) for placement.
    • A resume
    • A transcript reflecting all university coursework.
    • Any other supporting documentation that will be helpful in introducing yourself to the district.

    The materials provided will be reviewed by building and district administrators. Interviews with candidates for student teaching/internship placements will be scheduled only after receipt of the above documentation. 

    Observation Hours at District 28

    Students interested in observation hours are requested to send an email to the district to be considered for observation hours.

    Please include in your email:

    • The university you attend.
    • The amount of hours that are required.
    • Grade level and/or subject for observation. 
    • Any special requests that is needed in your observation hours.  

    Once your email has been received, the information will be shared with building and district administrators in order to work on making a placement.