Remote MAP Assessment

  • The purpose of conducting the MAP assessment remotely is to gather additional information about student learning. Teachers review this assessment data as one of the data points used to help students by planning instruction targeted at learning needs. Click here for a brief video from NWEA MAP

    Students who are attending school in-person will take assessments as they typically would while maintaining social distancing and other safety practices.  Students who are attending school remotely will participate in the assessment during the synchronous part of their school day.

    When will students take MAP remotely?

    RLA students in grades 2-8 will take the NWEA MAP test in the areas of reading and math during the fall window of September 29-October 23 and the winter testing window of January 19-February 26.

    How should I help my student prepare for taking this assessment remotely?

    The Day Before Remote Testing

    • Be sure your student has access to the internet and his or her school-issued device.
    • Your child’s teacher or proctor should walk every student through a device check before the test, but you can also check your own equipment ahead of time by using our interactive device readiness check. If you receive a “This machine has passed the check” result, your device is ready to use for the test. If you receive a “This machine has failed the check” result, we suggest talking to the teacher or proctor about how to overcome any technical issues. 
    • Fully charge the device or make sure that it will be plugged in during the testing session.
    • Make sure your student has a restful night of sleep and a healthy breakfast.
    • It’s also great to remind them that unlike some tests they have taken, every student who takes MAP Growth tests gets some answers right and some answers wrong because the test is adapting to the student and providing harder or easier questions based on their answers. 
    • Take a look at this video that explains the testing process in Northbrook 28.

       The Day of Remote Testing

    • Provide a test environment that is quiet and free of distraction.
    • For the math assessment, please make sure your child has paper and pencil ready to go. (Please note, calculators are not allowed for the MAP test. Any math tools that students may use will pop up in the testing platform for certain questions. Any other electronic devices, internet sources, or outside assistance is not allowed.)
    • As NWEA MAP is a secure test, you cannot take pictures or screenshots of questions or record the assessment. Also, any recording or capturing of images is in violation of Northbrook 28’s remote learning expectations.
    • Make sure your student is logged into Zoom with the teacher and follows the teacher’s directions for starting the test.
    • Once the test has begun, allow your child to take the test independently. Students should read both assessments on their own. Please do not read any part of the assessment to your child. If your child has a question, he or she should reach out to the teacher through Zoom. This will ensure the data gathered is from authentic assessments that reflect the work of the student unassisted, which is most useful to teachers.

    How will my child access the test? 

    Your child will visit the website: through the Safari browser. Your child’s teacher may also include a link to the website through Google Classroom or Seesaw. Your child will use a specific ‘test session’ name and ‘password’ that the teacher will provide. 

    What should I expect during the test?

    Your child will answer around 45-50 questions, which come in a variety of formats (e.g. multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, etc.). He or she will only be answering questions about a single subject in a single test session (e.g. math). 

    What will my child receive at the end of the test? 

    The test will notify your child that the test is complete and, depending on the district’s policy, might receive their RIT score on the final screen. (To understand what a RIT score is, watch the What is MAP Growth? Video in the “Understanding the MAP Suite” section of the Family Toolkit.

    What if the technology isn’t working properly or the test freezes during remote testing?  What should I do?

    • First, follow the teacher's directions for how to contact the teacher through Zoom. 
      • While your student is working independently in a breakout room, have your child click on the ‘ask for help’ button. This will notify the teacher.
         breakout room button
    • If the teacher isn’t able to assist with the issue, fill out a tech ticket and your student can work on school work. Please know that the window for MAP testing is a few weeks and if your student has technical challenges, we can pause and resume testing at any time. 

    How will I know which day my student will be taking the test remotely?

    The teacher will provide the specific dates and times for the assessments. You can also check the teacher’s communication platform (K-2: Seesaw, 3-8: Google Classroom).

    Who should I contact if I have a question about remote testing?

    If you have questions about the specific testing schedule or how to help your student, contact your child’s teacher.

    If you have other questions related to how the school is running remote MAP, using the data, or concerns about your child participating in remote assessment, contact Kris Raitzer, assistant superintendent, at the district office.

    If you have general questions about the MAP assessment, contact your home school principal.