Summer School Class Grid & Course Descriptions for Grade 5-6

Summer School 2022 Grade 5-6 Class Offerings by Period

Please see course descriptions for class information and lab fees

  • 2022 Summer School Course Descriptions for Grade 5-6

    • Cost per class is $120.00 (plus lab fees as listed in the description).      
    • All classes have a maximum of 18 students, unless otherwise noted in the title of the course description.
    • Classes are offered for Grade 5-6 & Grade 5-8 as noted in the class title.
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  • All Sports Grades 5-8, Periods 1, 2, & 3

    The class will focus on playing & learning a wide variety of net games & team games. Throughout this class students will play pickleball, badminton, handball, soccer, and flag football. This class will work on motor skills, movement patterns, and strategies in a variety of sports.

     Art Exploration Grades 5-8, Period 3 ($20 Lab Fee) Maximum: 16 Students

    Students will learn several different fundamentals of art theory and elements and principles of design through exploring a variety of mediums. Through guided activities, students will create several projects showcasing the new skills acquired.

     Babysitting Grades 5-8, Periods 1 & 2 ($20 Lab Fee)

    This class is designed to teach babysitting, leadership skills and basic first-aid skills in a fun and informative way. Students will know how to care for infants, toddlers and older children through video, workbook activities, discussion, and role play.

    Calligraphy Grades 5-8, Periods 3 & 4 ($20 Lab Fee)

    Students will review basic cursive writing, learn the history of the Art of Calligraphy and learn strokes and different styles of calligraphy. The students will then use their learned technique to make projects. Students will receive their own calligraphy fountain pen and practice notepad. There will also be various colored calligraphy markers and pens for the students to use.

    Cartooning Grades 5-6, Period 4 ($15 Lab Fee) Maximum: 16 Students

    This engaging class will provide students with a fun and creative opportunity to use art in combination with literacy to explore key elements of storytelling. Students will learn to draw characters, to use storyboarding and cartooning techniques to create interesting characters & settings, and to successfully navigate a story visually and with words.

    Caudill Book Club Grades 5-6, Period 2 ($10 Lab Fee)

    If you enjoy reading award-winning books, having discussions about your reading with friends, and using technology, look no further than the Book Club Class! We will read a Rebecca Caudill nominee novel together, discuss the story, and use different types of technology to create different projects about the novel. When we’ve finished the book, students will create their own book trailer!

    Creative Writing Grades 5-6, Period 3 & Grades 5-8, Period 4 ($5 Lab Fee)

    Students will engage in a variety of experimental exercises that will enable them to express themselves in fresh and unique ways.

    Fun & Games Grades 5-8, Periods 1, 2, 3, & 4 ($5 Lab Fee)

    This class will provide an opportunity to learn and to participate in games that promote teamwork and emphasize sportsmanship & fun. Students will work on their problem-solving skills and cooperative learning.  Join us to play a variety of games.

    Gardening  Grades 5-6 Period 1 ($20.00 Lab Fee) Maximum: 16 Students 

    Dig into our district vegetable garden this summer. Students will participate in planting, harvesting and tasting vegetables. This class will include nutrition, study of plants, ecology and garden-themed crafts. Students will also help run an on-site farmer's market where they will harvest and sell vegetables from the garden.

    Landscape Painting Grades 5-8, Periods 1 & 2 (Lab Fee $20) Maximum: 16 Students

    Students will learn to develop a composition, fundamentals of drawing, painting and color theory in this course. At the end of the course, all of the fundamental skills will come together in one final landscape painting.

    Let’s Play Ball, Grades 5-8, Periods 3 & 4

    Students will play a variety of sports in game play or tournament mode. We will play basketball, floor hockey, volleyball, soccer, and so much more. This class will be focused on having fun and displaying good sportsmanship.

    Let’s Put on a Musical Grades 5-8, Periods 3 - 4 ($25 Lab Fee) This is a TWO PERIOD Class

    This class will expose students to the process that goes into producing and presenting a musical. This includes singing, dancing, acting and the technical aspects of lights, sound, props and costumes.  This class is a two-hour class that runs consecutively during Period 3 & 4.  The students who are enrolled in this class will need to be available to perform with the class the last week of summer school. 

    No-Bake Treats & Easy Cooking Grades 5-8, Periods 2 & 4 & Grades 5-6, Period 3 ($30 Lab Fee) 16 student minimum per class

    This course is designed to teach students how to prepare nutritious snacks and treats for one person that requires little or no heat source. Will create no baked treats and have 3 cooking days. Students will learn about oven use, basic kitchen measurements and create healthy treats using vegetables, fruits, gelatin, pudding, and more. Some recipes will require overnight refrigeration or freezing. The students will receive all of the recipes used in this class at the end of the session to create their own recipe book.  One container will be provided to each participant to transport their own snacks home daily.  Students will not be allowed to eat in class. **Please Note: It is recommended that children with food allergies should not sign up for this class, as we cannot guarantee an allergy-free environment.

    Non Traditional & Unique Games Grades 5-6, Period 3 & Grades 5-8, Periods 1 & 4

    This class will be a variety of traditional and non-traditional games. Games from other regions of the world will be explored along with games unique to the scope of the class. We will focus on game play and physical activity every day. The games will be structured for a safe and inclusive environment.

    Performance Potpourri Grades 5-8, Periods 2

    Students will engage in a variety of performance experiences including public speaking, acting, pantomime, and debate, giving students an overview and experience in different types of performances.

    Science in Action, Grades 5-8, Periods 1, 2, 3, & 4 ($15 Lab Fee)

    Students will have a blast conducting hands-on experiments using common household items like baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, shaving cream, and cornstarch. We will create oobleck, design paper airplanes, make different variations of slime, explore buoyancy and more. Each day begins with a science read aloud, followed by a hands-on experiment and a journal reflection. Students have the opportunity to mix, create, observe and analyze chemical reactions in a manner that they may not have the opportunity to do in a traditional, larger classroom setting.

    Theatre Games Grades 5-8, Period 1

    This class will provide practice of basic acting skills through fun & engaging theatre games. Regardless of your acting ability, you can work on body movement, voice and concentration while having fun at the same time! 

    The JOY of Crafting Grades 5-8, Periods 1 & 3 ($15 Lab Fee) Maximum: 16 Students

    Create unique art and craft projects using a variety of materials. Students will also make some projects from recyclable materials. Every student will bring home his or her one-of-a-kind projects!

    Ultimate Sports Grades 5-8, Periods 1 & 2

    Students will explore a wide variety of diamond and field sports. We will play Kick Ball, Wiffle Ball, Frisbee, and so much more. Come experience what Ultimate Sports is all about.

    Woodworking for Beginners Grades 5-6, Periods 1 & 2 ($40 Lab Fee) Maximum: 16 Students

    Students will learn the basic safety protocols and usage for hand tools including a coping saw, file, sanding block, and a cordless drill. Some small machines may be used, such as the scroll saw, spindle sander, Dremel engraver, and drill press. All activities will be demonstrated and supervised by Mr. Caris, the Woodworking teacher at NBJH. Students will choose a project from a beginner's list. Other projects will be available if time permits. Project choices include a can lamp, small cutting board, name block, or tombstone clock.