• Bicycle Safety

    Bicycle riders are subject to Illinois traffic laws. It is strongly advised that every student register his/her bike with the Northbrook Police Department. Please remember:

    • Be sure to wear proper safety gear, including a helmet.
    • Have proper lights and reflectors in front and rear of bike.
    • Be sure your bike is always in proper operating condition.
    • Be sure to obey all traffic signals; keep to the right; exercise caution at all times.
    • Walk your bicycle across intersections; stay on designated bike paths only.
    • Yield to pedestrians; be alert when riding your bike.
    • Bikes must be parked in the bike rack at school; do not ride around the parking lot.
    • Be sure to have your own bike lock and use it at all times.
    • Never lock your bike to someone else’s bike.
    • Respect others’ property at all times.
    • Do not “ride double.”
    • Exercise extreme caution in poor weather conditions.
    • Ride single file when in a group.

    Bicycles, Scooters and Roller Blades

    Bicycles must be locked in the bike racks. Skateboards and scooters must be kept in the location determined by the school. Roller blades must be kept in the student’s locker. Walk your bicycle on school property; carry your skateboard or scooter on school property; and change roller blades to street shoes before arriving on school property.