Guidelines for Parent-Teacher Communication

  • Philosophy

    It is the philosophy of District 28 that the majority of parent/guardian concerns are most successfully addressed by school-level staff members and administrators. We encourage early, informal resolution of concerns whenever possible. However, we recognize that there are occasions when a more formal process is necessary. Still, even in those circumstances, we strongly believe that most concerns can be successfully addressed by school-level staff members and administrators.

    Process to Resolve a Parental Concern

    If a parent/guardian has a concern about a matter pertaining to a teacher, usually the best way to reach resolution is to address the concern with the staff member involved in the issue. Expressing the concern should be done in a respectful manner and in a timely fashion so as to establish the best conditions for addressing the matter. In most cases, a conversation between the parent and teacher will resolve the issue.

    If a matter is of a serious nature, and the parent believes that it is not appropriate to talk to the teacher directly, the parent should contact a school-level administrator.

    If after having met with the teacher and the issue remains unresolved, the parent may contact the appropriate school-level administrator. 

    Our Commitment When a Concern is Raised

    When a concern is raised, District staff will:

    • listen and clarify to make sure the concern is understood;
    • ask the parent to share any proposed resolutions;
    • gather additional information, if warranted;
    • follow up with the parent to share appropriate information regarding resolution of the concern;
    • offer other options to resolve the issue, if appropriate.