• Superintendent Search Timeline

    Aug. 24 - BOE/Consultant Planning Meeting

    Sept. 7 - Oct. 31 - Consultants advertise the position, recruit candidates, accept and screen applications

    Sept. 20 - Oct. 12 - Consultants facilitate community engagement:

    1. Conduct interviews or Focus Groups with Board members; conduct multiple Focus Groups for staff, parents, community, administration, teachers, key communicators
    2. Publish online survey for all staff and community members (available online September 21-October 12)

    Oct. 26 - Consultants present New Superintendent Profile to the Board (Open Session)

    Oct. 27 - Nov. 8 - Consultants interview selected applicants

    Nov. 9 - Special Board Meeting for consultants to present a slate of 5-7 candidates to the Board in closed session

    Nov. 16 & 18 - Special Board Meeting for the board to conduct initial interviews of a slate of candidates

    Dec. 1-2-4 - Special Board Meetings Board conducts second interviews of three finalists; stakeholder interviews take place

    Dec. 14 - Board takes formal action on new superintendent's contract at its regular meeting.