• Community and Staff Survey

    The Board of Education welcomes input from parents, community and staff as the search begins for a new Superintendent for Northbrook District 28. The Board will use the information gathered from focus groups, open forums, and this survey to help create the profile of our next leader. 
    All responses are anonymous and confidential. A complete report summarizing all community engagement results will be published on the District 28 website after October 26, 2021. 
    We request each person respond only once to this questionnaire which has been designed to allow one response per device. The survey will be available from September 21-October 14, 2021.
    Thank you for your effort in helping the Board of Education with this important task.
  • Superintendent Search Timeline

    Aug. 24 - BOE/Consultant Planning Meeting

    Sept. 7 - Oct. 31 - Consultants advertise the position, recruit candidates, accept and screen applications

    Sept. 21 - Oct. 12 - Consultants facilitate community engagement:

    1. Conduct interviews or Focus Groups with Board members; conduct multiple focus groups for staff, parents, community, administration, and teachers.
    2. Publish online survey for all staff and community members (available online September 20-October 12)

    Oct. 26 - Consultants present New Superintendent Profile to the Board at their regular board meeting, beginning at 7 p.m. 

    Oct. 27 - Nov. 8 - Consultants interview selected applicants

    Nov. 10 - Special Board Meeting for consultants to present a slate of 5-7 candidates to the Board in closed session

    Nov. 16 & 18 - Special Board Meeting for the Board to conduct initial interviews of a slate of candidates

    Dec. 1-2-4 - Special Board Meetings Board conducts second interviews of three finalists; stakeholder interviews take place

    Dec. 14 - Board takes formal action on new superintendent's contract at its regular meeting.

  • Board hires School Exec Connect to Assist in Superintendent Search

    The Board of Education is seeking broad input from the staff and the community as it conducts a search for a new superintendent to replace Dr. Larry Hewitt when he retires at the end of the school year.
    The Board is working with the educational search firm School Exec Connect to assist in the superintendent search process. Consultants Dr. Linda Yonke, a retired superintendent from New Trier High School who lives in Northbrook, and Dr. Devon Horton, superintendent of Evanston/Skokie District 65, will lead the search and community engagement process.
    The firm is seeking feedback on the district’s strengths and challenges, as well as ideal characteristics of the next superintendent. Parents, staff, and the community will be invited to participate in an online survey. 
    Findings from the survey, open forums and focus group conversations will be used to develop the New Superintendent Profile that will be presented to the board at its Oct. 26 regular meeting. 
    After the profile is reviewed and approved, School Exec Connect will develop a slate of up to seven candidates for the board to interview in closed session. The board’s most important consideration is securing the strongest candidate pool and ultimately hiring the right person who will lead the district with the vision and support the district's exceptional team of teachers and staff. To ensure the deepest candidate pool, the Board will conduct confidential interviews. Stakeholder interviews will be included to provide feedback to the board on the finalists.