• Illinois Report Card

    2022 Report Cards

    The Illinois State Board of Education released the 2022 Illinois School Report Cards on Oct. 27. A report on all the district's assessment data, including the state's Illinois Assessment of Reading and the fall reports of Measures of Academic Progress will be presented to the Board of Education at its Nov. 29, 2022 meeting. 
    Below are links to the interactive report card published by the state. 

    Northbrook District 28 Report Card

    Northbrook Junior High

    Greenbriar School

    Meadowbrook School

    Westmoor School

  • What's New for 2022 Report Cards

    1. Equity Journey Continuum

    An informational tool for districts to track their progress toward closing gaps in student achievement, opportunities, and supports. The tool analyzes data points that districts already collect and report to ISBE, through the lens of equity, to make that data more useful for improving outcomes for all students. The 2022 Equity Journey Continuum uses data from the 2018-19 school year to place districts along the steps of the continuum. Learn more at www.isbe.net/equity.

    2. Annual Summative Designation

    Returning for the first time since 2019. Each school will receive a designation of Exemplary, Commendable, Targeted Support, or Comprehensive Support based on multiple measures of school performance. Learn more at www.isbe.net/summative.

    3. Assessment Data

    • Students Not Tested (No Participation Rate): The number of students who did not receive participation credit for the state assessment divided by the number of students who were required to participate in the state assessment.
    • Proficiency Rate Accountability: Calculated, when relevant, for accountability using the 95% of Participation Rate denominator, using the various levels of performance each test and subject area.

    *Information provided by the Illinois State Board of Education