Music Parents Club

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    The Music Parents Club is composed of music directors, district administrators, and parents of music students. 

    Our mission is to promote and maintain an enthusiastic interest in, and provide financial enhancement to, the music curriculum established and managed by the administrators and music faculty of District 28.

    The MPC raises funds through our annual Wreath and Coffee Sale as well as other fund-raisers in order to provide enrichment activities for all of our District 28 co-curricular music programs from third-grade to eighth-grade band, orchestra, and choir students.

    We also actively support the parents of music students with ways they can show pride in and recognize their child's effort in music education. We also like to have fun! Please consider joining one of our parent get-togethers!

    We support and fund

    • Over $18,000 in COVID Relief Funds that pay for special masks, additional stands (not supposed to share stands anymore) and a special $25 summer lesson package.
    • Clinics and Professional performances
    • Tour lunches
    • Uniforms for our top-level musicians
    • Parent spirit events and items

    None of this could be accomplished without parent involvement and volunteers. Please stop by a meeting and see what we do and how you can become involved!

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We have fundraisers you can help with, events to chaperone, adult-nights-outs to plan and more. Please review the list below. It is updated frequently so check it often!

    Volunteer Opportunities List

    Club meetings

    Day: The second Wednesday of each month
    Time: NOON
    Location: HOH Community Room


    MPC Reimbursement Form



  • Music Parents Club


    MPC Facebook Page
    We post updates from around town and our meetings - including the zoom replay if available.
    Bands Facebook Page
    The directors post updates about the music program.
    Music Program Calendar


    President -- Tamara Reese (
    Fundraising Chair -- Cari Raymond
    Treasurer -- Abe Reese
    Secretary -- Heather Pear
    Hospitality/Social Chairs -- Jennifer Barry and Katie Brown
    Social Media/Newsletter -- Kate Eichstadt
    Band Uniforms - Joanie Gilbert