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Resources for Parents

The horrific terror attack by Hamas on Israel Saturday, Oct. 7 and the continuing violence unfolding in the region is reverberating around the world, with many personal connections in our community. 

We know people are experiencing great loss and we stand in solidarity with our entire Northbrook community as we condemn terrorism. 

Our role as a school district is to provide as much support as we can for families and guidance for parents navigating this unthinkable tragedy. In light of the rapidly developing situation, we wanted to alert you to a couple of concerns and share some additional resources and information.

Safety of students and staff, both physically and emotionally, remains our top priority in District 28.

Social Media

There are reports across various news outlets of the intent to flood social media with images from Hamas of graphic violence in Israel and Gaza. We strongly recommend parents and caregivers restrict or very closely monitor use of social media, especially on Twitter/X, which has reduced filters for content shared on the platform. Even with platforms that have stronger filtering policies, violent content may still be shared.  

Heightened Threat Awareness 

Although we are not in school on Friday, we are aware of increased threats of violence, particularly on Friday, October 13. We have a strong partnership with local law enforcement and neighboring school districts to ensure critical information is shared. We will be diligent in implementing our school safety measures. As a reminder, students, staff, parents and community members should report any suspicious activity by calling 911 and alert a trusted adult at our schools. “See something, say something” continues to be the top tool in keeping our schools safe.

Guidance and Support for Families

In addition to the resources sent yesterday, the articles below offer practical guidance for helping your children navigate various media during this time: